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Mainstream American Culture is Mexican.

Modelo Especial became the #1 selling beer because it is Mexican.

Punto y period.

Stop dismissing culture as a primary contributor of success.

80% of all imported beer in the U.S. is Mexican, according to data cited by the Beer Institute.

8 out of 10 imported beers sold in the country are Mexican!

Imported beer in the U.S. is spearheaded and absolutely dominated by Mexican beer!

Modelo Especial was well on its way to take the reins from Bud Light, even before their terrible lack of accountability to the LGTBQ+ community. (this is a whole other post)

My issue with this article is the belief that the rise of a “Latin-centric, beer-drinking demographic” is "only part of the story.”

¿Que que?

A growing multicultural market whose growth is being led by Hispanics is not just “part” of a Mexican beer's success.

It is the CORE reason for its success.

Mexican culture is deeply rooted in the essence of our country and with it, influences consumption habits, flavors, sounds and people.

Mainstream American culture has Mexican sazón at its core and that's should be accepted, embraced and acknowledged.

The belief that #Mexican#beer or Mexican anything has "transcended to become mainstream" is wrong.

Mexican beer and Mexican everything has BEEN mainstream for a long time and we need to start giving Mexican culture its place.

Mexican culture is a magnet.

It welcomes everyone.

The trend we need to discuss more of is the fact that for years non-Hispanics have gravitated towards ethnic flavors and foods.

Non-Hispanic folks are becoming mainstream because they love Mexican flavors and beer.

☝️This should be the headline.

If Mexican beer brands stick to their roots, they will continue winning.

It’s no longer about appealing to a non-Hispanic market like Corona back in the day.

You will not be "alienating your existing consumer base" when needing to "appeal to younger generations."

Your consumer base is the present and the future.

To all Constellation Brands Mexican category leaders:

Be you.

Be Mexican. 🇲🇽

Let everyone else come to you to be part of it.

In my best Mandalorian voice:

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