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Welcome to my blog!

Always human, bilingüe y con sazón.

This blog is about humanizing our career development. 

It's about marketing and advertising. 

It's multicultural. 

It's about being a Hispanic, Latino, professional Mexican. 

It's about Texas. 

It's about fatherhood and parenting.

It's about marriage. 

It's about failure and success. 

It's about familia and cultura. 

I look forward to sharing and building with you all! 

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Dear Advertising Industry...

A letter of Love to Advertising. From one of many Mexicans that works, creates and dreams in your space.

Beauty in Naiveness

This is a childhood anecdote that taught me naiveness in action is the beginning of experiences that teach us valuable life lessons.

An "All In" Life.

Going "All In" is a bet on everything. But when Love is the pot, it's always worth it.

Humanos Esenciales

De acuerdo al Departamento de Agricultura de EU, más de un millón de las manos que cultivan los campos en EU son inmigrantes indocumentados.

The Strength of Mamá

They are wives, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. This is a tribute to my very own, perfectly imperfect mamá.

Latino Business Contributions

Despite contributing over $700 billion annually to the US economy, Latino business owners continue to face growth barriers.

The Learnings in Losing

Losing is an inevitable part of life. Processing our losses and their lessons, however, is a choice.

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